A Reminder to Be Conscious of Those Around Us

by Samantha on December 1, 2011

Sometimes we get so consumed with what we have to get done, that we forget the people around us. There’s a well-known quote about being kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battles they are fighting, and it’s also true on a smaller scale. For example, before you ream out a customer service representative, consider their feelings and the possibility that they had nothing to do with whatever snafu you’re complaining about. When you send in a form, write clearly and make sure your 6s don’t closely resemble 8s. The person reading your form on the other end will really appreciate it, and it will save them from contacting you to clarify. If your bus is stuck in traffic, don’t yell at the bus driver. That really won’t get you to work any faster, and it’s probably not their fault. Enjoy your successes and achievements, but be conscious of those in your life who may be experiencing hard times. Respect the time and effort of others. Remember that you are not an island.

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  • http://akhilak.com/blog Akhila

    I definitely agree with this — but I also think there is a fault with being TOO nice. I’m way too nice. I’m a quiet person, I don’t yell or scream or argue with anyone, really, ever. I am highly non-confrontational.

    But this also means I’m frequently not assertive enough to get things done. And sometimes, we have to be assertive to just get things done.

  • http://www.lifeschocolates.com sameve

    I totally get where you’re coming from, but it’s not so much about being nice as being courteous and conscious of others. I’m the same way, and being too nice does have it’s drawbacks. You definitely have to be assertive to get things done, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your perspective!

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