Can I Get a Visual?

by Samantha on February 28, 2012


Approximately 65% of the population consists of visual learners. I am definitely one of them. You can explain something to me all you want, and I’ll probably get the gist of it, but it isn’t until I see the details or the steps drawn out in front of me that I really get it. When I used to live in the suburbs and drive places, it was easier for me to find places by following landmarks than written directions. As a writer, I try to paint a picture for my readers with words, conveying the utmost detail and infusing emotion into what I write. Even when I brush my teeth, I often find myself closing my eyes so I can visualize each tooth as the brush goes over it, making sure not to miss any.

I wonder if the recent surge of image sharing websites and apps has something to do with the number of visual learners in our society. 15 million people have downloaded Instagram, and there are countless other photo sharing communities and apps. Pinterest has taken off at an impressive speed, drawing 11.7 million unique monthly visitors in January. There are websites that create visual resumes, and the use of infographics is on the rise. It’s a well-known fact in social media marketing that you have to mix up your content to include photos and videos. People want to get to know you and your company and see the human side of who you are and what you do.

Are you a visual learner? Have you gotten caught up in the Pinterest craze? How do you and your company/brand use visual content to reach people?

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  • Mehnaz

    Great post! I am a visual learner. Even if someone is doing a presentation, I’d like to have slides to look at or some sort of hand-out. As for using landmarks, I think that is partially a function of female brain anatomy. Males are more spatially oriented, so it plays out differently.

    I have checked out Pinterest, but I’m not a member. As for how useful some of the visual aids like instagram are, is questionable, but they certainly do add some colour to the content!

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