Today, I Am Grateful For…

by Samantha on February 18, 2010


One of my favorite posts from the Appreciation Revolution series, was Grace Boyle’s The Gratitude List. It was all about taking the time to write down the things you’re grateful for, instead of just thinking about them, or forgetting about them altogether.  Today, we’re going to have a community gratitude list. If it goes well, I might make it a regular thing. I’ll start it off, and you can add on in the comments. Encourage your friends and family and Twitter followers to stop by and be grateful too. Have a fantastic day!

Today, I am grateful for the fact that my knee hurts a little less than it has every other day this week. I’m grateful that my work bag is big enough to fit everything I need, plus two pairs of shoes when I can’t decide which one I’ll want to wear out to dinner after work. I am incredibly grateful for my parents, my boyfriend, and my friends. I am grateful that today is a new day.

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  • Shereen

    What a great post!

    Today, I am grateful for:

    - My challenging job that stretches me in different ways
    - The people at work that put stones in my way, I learn and grow from each one of these experiences
    - My husband for being there for me always
    - the half dozen mini-cupcakes that happened to make their way to me today
    - My family and friends for always sticking by me
    - My DVR and Ugly Betty re-runs
    - banoffee pie ice-cream Yumm!


  • Grace Boyle

    Oh Sam! How cute. My mom would be so proud, I'll send her this way (as she is the one who inspires me to do gratitude lists).

    Today I am grateful for:
    -This warm cup of delicious coffee
    -My job
    -My health and body, while I bend and do yoga (feeling sore is good!)
    -The sunshine in Boulder right now
    -My snowboard trip this weekend
    -And YOU! Your unwavering strength, kindness and real approach to life always inspires me and makes me smile :)

  • emilyjasper

    Today I am grateful for the surprise flowers sent to me, dry roads this week, and meeting great people at #ypctc last night!

  • jannaAdgal

    I am grateful for the sunshine in Minneapolis right now, the quite in my office, the health of my kids and my job. Plus my exercise coach who has a way of making me work out harder, and for my siblings.

  • Beth Oppenheim

    Great idea!!!
    Today I am grateful for:
    -The coworkers that help me through
    -My dreams
    -My books
    -My hubby. even though I hate the word hubby.
    AND. Lately it's been good to me.

  • Susan Pogorzelski


    Today I'm grateful for Riley, who puts a smile on my face from the moment I wake up.
    Today I'm grateful for my mom, who offers sympathy when I need it and tough love when it's needed more.
    Today I'm grateful for my dearest friends, who hold on when I fear them letting go.
    Today I'm especially grateful for my lunch hour — peace and quiet among chaos.
    I'm grateful for today, when yesterday is out of our grasp and tomorrow sometimes seem so far away.

  • Shereen

    What a great post!

    Today, I am grateful for:

    - My challenging job that stretches me in every which way possible
    - The people at work that throw stones in my way; I learn and grow from each one of those experiences
    - My husband for always being there for me
    - the half dozen mini cupcakes that happened to make their way to me today
    - my family and friends for always sticking by me
    - DVR and Ugly Betty re-runs
    - Banoffee pie ice-cream Yumm!

  • Mehnaz

    Today I'm grateful for:

    Gorgeous sunshiney weather
    Awesome friends (like you Sam!)
    A fab book that I am reading
    Olympic Awesomeness
    Great music
    The opportunity to learn every day!

  • LostInCheeseland

    Today I am grateful for my friend Halla with whom I had dinner and chatted about everything from sleep walking to the thesis she's currently working on.

    Today I am grateful for my cat Cali who helps soothe the pain of losing my childhood dog a couple weeks ago.

    Today (and everyday) I am grateful for my husband without whom I don't know that I would've had the courage to turn my dreams into a reality.

    Finally, today I am grateful for twitter. Yep, because I met you and lots of other people who challenge me intellectually and have supported my little Expat blog :)

    I hope your knee continues to feel better!

  • sameve

    Props to you and your mom for the fantastic idea! And thank you so much for including me on your list, you're on mine too :0)

  • sameve

    Ooo surprise flowers, how nice! Thanks for sharing your list!

  • sameve

    Great list, Janna! Thanks!

  • sameve

    Thanks Beth!! I like your list, quite the variety! My favorite is “My hubby. even though I hate the word hubby” hehe

  • sameve

    This is lovely, Susan; proof that the small things AND the big things are important. Thanks for sharing!

  • sameve

    Shereen: I love that you include challenges and what they teach you. I firmly believe that we can find a valuable lesson in everything, even the worst experiences in our lives. Jealous of the mini cupcakes, and agreed on Ugly Betty. I haven't watched that show in far too long!

  • sameve

    Aww Mehnaz, I'm grateful for you too! Also, I totally love your Olympic spirit and Canadian pride.

    Please share the title of the fab book, thank you :)

  • sameve

    Yay! This is such a great list! As much as I support your “little Expat blog,” I do believe that you are much too far away! Perhaps there should be a gchat/skype date in our future to remedy this problem. Seriously though, it sounds like you have a great life over there in Paris, and I love hearing all about it. Thanks for adding your gratitude to the list!

  • Lenora Boyle

    I'm grateful for my daughter, Grace. For sunshine on a cold wintry Iowa day, for warm chocolate chip cookies and hot tea, for fresh produce from the local CSA greenhouses in the middle of winter. Thanks for reminding us all to be grateful.
    Robert A. Emmons, a psychologist at the University of California at Davis, found that those who wrote in a “gratitude journal” on a weekly basis experienced better health and more energy, and for patients with neuromuscular disease, less pain and fatigue. The more they found to be grateful for and the more detail they described in their journals, the greater benefits they experienced.

  • Sharalyn

    Today I am grateful for special people in my life, for hard work starting to pay off and knowing that there's always something wonderful waiting around the bend (and actually believing it whole-heartedly today)!

    Great idea, Sam! :)

  • sameve

    Lenora: Thank you SO much for commenting! As I told Grace (who is wonderful, by the way) I really like this idea. I'm not at all surprised that there are health benefits to keeping a gratitude journal, and I'm definitely going to try it out. Appreciation is very important to me, as is gratitude, and I try to find the silver lining in every cloud.

  • sameve

    So glad you have this outlook now, Sharalyn! I truly hope there is something wonderful waiting around the bed for you.

  • Leslie_Forman

    Today I am grateful for:
    - my roommate Mark, who brought me cold medicine this morning, and asked before starting his erhu (Chinese violin) practice
    - Tylenol Cold for calming my cough and sniffles
    - my Chinese friends Harry and Jingwei who send me ginger tea recipes
    - my kind boss for letting me stay home
    - the weather in Beijing, which is finally starting to warm up
    - multi-colored emails from my young Chinese friends, which always make me smile
    - and YOU! for encouraging me to write this :)
    I've done this activity several times with my clients in China, particularly in connection with psychology articles or Thanksgiving stories. The word “appreciate” has two definitions: to be grateful, and to amplify. The second definition refers to interest on a bank account, as well as the way that recognizing gratitude serves to amplify it.

  • sameve

    Leslie: This is a great list, and I can relate, as I am currently fighting a cold as well. Living in Beijing sounds so exciting, and it seems like you have some great friends there! I love your definitions of appreciate. The second one is less conventional, but still very relevant. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list!

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